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Use your Membership Rewards Program to lose all the inches from multiple areas with Laser Lipo, achieve the full head of hair with Laser Hair Restoration and have beautiful clear skin with Laser Acne treatments.

Laser Lipo

(2 times a week)

Single Session $250

6 Sessions  $1300 ($200 Savings)

9 Session $1800 ($450 Savings)

Regular Pricing

Laser Acne

(2 times a week)

Single Session $225

4 Sessions $800  ($100 Savings)

8 Sessions $1400  ($400 Savings)

Laser Hair Re-Growth

(2 times a week)

Singe Session $250

12 Sessions $2400 ($600 Savings)

24 Sessions $4400 ($1600 Savings)

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30 Day Jump Start Program

Every summer we have events we're looking forward to.   For some it's spending time at the beach or getting together with friends, a reunion or possibly a wedding. 

Confidence shows when we feel the best about ourselves.  Skintellect Laser and Ideal Lifestyles want to help you feel the best about you.  Our goal is to help you achieve the results you want with 30 days of meals, supplements, coaching and support combined with 8 Laserlipo treatments to help lose inches in those areas resistant to weight loss.  This is a limited time offer with limited space available.  There are 15 spots available and once filled this offer will expire. The value of this amazing offer is $2600.  The first 15 people will receive this offer for only


Let's lose the lbs and the inches!

Membership Rewards Program

Book an appointment with Skintellect Laser Center
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Rewards Program Pricing

Annual Membership Fee:  $500

Laser Lipo $100  (Save $150 per treatment) 

Hair Restoration $100  (Save $150 per treatment)

Acne w/microdermabrasion $150  (Save $200 per treatment)

No restrictions on number of treatments.  Expires one year from date of purchase.

Calgary's only Membership Rewards Program for Laser Therapy


Now you have the option to get the results you want without having to compromise due to finances.  This is the most affordable laser treatment program available, providing you discounted laser treatments for one year with an annual fee.  Save $125 off Laser Acne Treatments and $150 off Laser Lipo and Laser Hair Restoration.  Come as often as you like to ensure you achieve the best results for the most affordable price.

Skintellect Laser Center

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